Tooth fetishist begged women to pose 'for magazine'

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A STALKER begged female strangers to pose for a dental magazine as part of a bizarre fetish for teeth.

Promotion worker Eric White, 42, told various women on the streets of Edinburgh that he worked for a dental company and wanted to take pictures of their "beautiful teeth" and smiles.

White continued to harass the women long after they had refused his offers, approaching them again and again to ask them out.

But police stepped in after White began bombarding one of his victims with text messages and phone calls and even went to her home.

White pleaded guilty at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Wednesday to three charges of breach of the peace by placing the women in a state of fear and alarm.

Sheriff Isabella McColl insisted his behaviour amounted to "a catalogue of stalking".

The court heard how White, of Hamilton, had approached the three women on different occasions over a two-year period.

His warped behaviour began in October 2004 when he approached Patricia Bannan as she drove her takeaway burger van in the Bellevue area.

White drove alongside the witness and began flashing his lights and beeping his horn to get her to pull over.

When she did so, he told her about his work for a dental company, commented on her "beautiful teeth" and asked if he could photograph them for a dental magazine.

She initially agreed, but became suspicious and left when he told her she had a "sexy mouth" and a "beautiful tongue".

He repeatedly approached her until she finally reported him to police in March 2006 when he reappeared at her new home in Newtongrange. Despite his bizarre conduct, White was not prosecuted for his behaviour to Ms Bannan.

But he had already started to stalk another woman at this time, approaching Lesley Gillies as she packed her shopping in the car park of Tesco in Calder Mains, Edinburgh last March.

White scared her off when he told her he had seen her around and started asking her personal questions about her love life.

But while she was driving home, she noticed White following in his own car and she changed direction and drove to a friend's house to escape White.

In the third episode, White began speaking to Debbie Mackenzie as she walked along Princes Street. Although she had never seen White before, he insisted he had met her and began commenting on her beautiful teeth and smile.

He explained to her that he worked for a tooth-whitening company and tried to convince her to pose for pictures of teeth, but she refused and continued walking.

But just a month later, when shopping in the Meadowbank Retail Park, he approached her again. He simply said: "Remember me?" before asking her out on a date, which she refused.

White later went to Ms Mackenzie's home address claiming that when he was working in the area he saw her entering her house and had tracked her down that way.

But when she refused to let him into her home, he began bombarding her with calls and text messages and she eventually reported him to police.

This time, White was charged for his behaviour in July last year and it was then linked to the other cases.

White plead guilty at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

Sentenced was deferred for social inquiry and psychiatric reports.