Toddler born with crippling hip defect to do charity circuit

A TODDLER born with a hip socket defect is set to walk around Meadowbank Stadium’s running track to raise funds for the hospital that cared for her.

Little Anna Booth, who will celebrate her second birthday in August, was born with hip dysplasia which affected their alignment.

She had to wear a harness until she was two months old to realign the joints in her legs as, left to develop, the condition could have left her in severe pain from crippling lameness and arthritis.

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Now she’s getting ready to complete a lap of Meadowbank’s track as part of the ninth annual Teddy Toddle in aid of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation (SKFF).

Anna and her mother Clare made a weekly trip from their home in Portobello to the Sick Kids where her harness was adjusted and the development of her legs was monitored.

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Ms Booth, 31, said she was grateful to the SKFF for helping to make Anna’s life easier.

She said: “Anna had to wear her harness at all times, apart from when it was being adjusted and so that was the only chance I had during her first two months to have proper skin-to-skin contact with her, and give her a bath.

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“I really cherished those moments and the staff at the hospital made a difficult time much more bearable.

“The hospital provides lots of little extras such as art work and kids’ toys, which create a child-friendly atmosphere. They also provide overnight facilities for parents.

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“This is all funded by the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, so it’s important that as much money as possible is raised.”

Anna – and her favourite teddy bear – will join children’s TV characters Nina from Nina and the Neurons, May from Big City Park, Spencer from Balamory and a host of other CBeebies favourites to lead off the Toddle on June 16.

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As well as having problems with her hips, Anna was diagnosed with tongue tie – a birth-defect that can affect a baby’s ability to feed. At just two months old, she underwent a procedure to fix this condition at the hospital.

Anna started walking at the start of the year and will take part in the Teddy Toddle alongside parents Clare and Mark, 42. They have already raised almost £300 in sponsorship.

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Ms Booth, a marketing assistant, said: “The fact that Anna has recently started to walk is also a great reason to take part in the walk. The Teddy Toddle means that we can celebrate Anna’s achievement and also give back to the people who made this possible in the first place. ”

The Teddy Toddle will begin at 2pm and costs £5 to enter. Every toddler taking part will receive a goody bag when they cross the finishing line.

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Ms Booth added: “I want to say a huge thank you to the staff at the hospital for the care Anna received during her time there.”