Tiny Holmes drawings are elementary

MINISCULE drawings of characters from Sherlock Holmes films will form part of an exhibition at Edinburgh’s City Art Centre next month.

The intricate drawings, by Edinburgh College of Art graduate Marie Harnett, measure less than 5cm by 12cm. Among the tiny portrayals are versions of the characters from the recent movies, including Holmes, played by Robert Downey Jr; Irene Adler, played by Rachel McAdams; and Watson, played by Jude Law.

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The exhibition, called A Parliament of Lines, showcases almost 60 drawings by 15 artists and includes some of the form’s smallest artworks.

Artist and curator of the show, Euan Gray, said: “A drawing can be a preparatory sketch or an end in itself. It is a place where artists deliberate. More than any other medium, it reveals their intimate thoughts and workings.”