Thousands of beds needed to stop care home crisis

Thousands of beds are needed to stop a crisis in care. Picture; stock image
Thousands of beds are needed to stop a crisis in care. Picture; stock image
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A new report has warned that up to 10,000 beds are needed to prevent a shortfall in care for the elderly.

Families have also been warned that they may need to pay for ensure their relatives receive ‘care with dignity.

According to research, Scotland is nearing a care home crisis and fees may need to rise, or public funding may need to improve, to combat the ageing population.

Concern has been raised about the strain on pensions, the NHS and social care services.

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Research from financial experts and consultants JLL found that 10,800 care home beds will be needed by 2026 to cope with growing population and demands.

According to the Herald, around 1,100 beds in Scotland were lost last year.

James Kingdom, head of research for JLL’s Alternative team told the Herald, “Even before we take into account the impact of bed closures, the care home sectors needs to double the delivery of new beds.

“The election showed what an emotive subject social care is and how it is going to be funded can be.

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“But it is essential the Government reaches a sustainable solution as to how social care is to be funded in a way that doesn’t pass the burden in a way that doesn’t pass the burden to a shrinking working-age population.”

Donald Macaskill, chief exec of Scottish Care told The Herald there has to be “A sufficient range of services which will enable people to have real choice in their care.”

According to the latest report from the Registar General for Scotland forecast the number of people at a pensionable age will increase by 28% by 2039.

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “Our priority is to enable more people to live longer and more independently in their own homes, which results in fewer people needing residential care.

“This year almost half a billion pounds of NHS spending will be invested in social care through integration, underlining the importance we attach to improving services.”