The Scottish seats with the narrowest majorities

SNP MP Stephen Gethins, pictured here with SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, won his North Fife seat by just two votes. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
SNP MP Stephen Gethins, pictured here with SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, won his North Fife seat by just two votes. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
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Following what has to be one of the most dramatic general elections in decades, several of Scotland’s seats were won, and lost, by the narrowest of margins.

The SNP which secured their second biggest victory in election history, and won 35 seats but saw the number of their MPs fall as both Labour and the Conservatives made gains across the country.

The SNP also lost two of their biggest stars in Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson, who lost their seats in two of the country’s most hotly contested constituencies. But they weren’t the only shocks in an election that continued to throw up surprises from start to finish.

Several seats were won by only the slightest of margins, including one by just two votes. Here are some of the most interesting results returned on a night filled with drama.

Stephen Gethins, SNP, Fife North East - Seat won by just two votes

The SNP’s Stephen Gethins won by what must surely be the most narrow margin in the country, with the Liberal Democrats’ Elizabeth Riches pushing the nationalist candidate all the way in a constituency which he took with a majority of 4,344 votes in 2015.

The decision was so tight that officials were called in to recount twice, and eventually Gethins managed to hold onto his seat by just the slenderest of leads.

The final count saw the SNP’s candidate pipping the Lib Dems by 13,743 to 13,741, a victory secured by just two votes.

Stephen Kerr, Conservative, Stirling - Seat won by just 148 votes

Stephen Kerr was one of the 13 Tory candidates who managed to wrestle seats away from the SNP, but did so with only the narrowest of wins.

The Conservative turned around a massive majority for the SNP in 2015 with nearly a 14 per cent increase in the vote share.

Conservative Stephen Kerr took 18,291 votes in the count, while the SNP’s Steven Paterson returned just 148 less with 18,143 votes.

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Pete Wishart, SNP, Perth & North Perthshire - Seat won by just 21 votes

In Perth & North Perthshire, the SNP’s Pete Wishart retained his seat despite a large drop in vote share since 2015 when he won the seat by nearly 10,000 votes. The Conservative’s Ian Duncan posed a serious threat having gained almost 10 per cent in votes and pushing Wishart to another narrow victory for the nationalist party. Wishart described the victory as “nerve-jangling” and said that he wanted to go out and “find those 21 souls and thank them personally”.

David Linden, SNP, Glasgow East - Seat won by just 75 votes

Glasgow was always going to be an interesting battleground with Jeremy Corbyn’s performances in England and those who voted No in the independence referendum helping to fuel a resurgence of the Labour party in several areas of the city.

SNP candidate David Linden must have been feeling the pinch as Labour’s Kate Watson pushed hard to steal Natalie McGarry’s former seat for Labour.

In the end, the SNP’s vote share dropped by over 18 per cent to 14,024 but Labour were unable to capitalise and fell short by 75 votes with a return of 13,949.

Chris Stephens, SNP, Glasgow South West - Seat won by just 60 votes

Another Glasgow seat, another SNP vs Labour battle and another close call for the SNP as Chris Stephens, who won by over 10,000 votes less than two years ago, had his lead reduced to just 60 votes.

The vote was split almost 50\50 as Labour gained over 7 per cent of the vote share, while the SNP lost a massive 16 percent.

Though Stephen’s lead was cut to just 14,386 (down from 23,388 in 2015) it was enough to see off Matt Kerr who received 14,326

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