Ten Questions: Mirabelle Maslin

Mirabelle, 60, is an author and managing director of Augur Press. She lives in Roslin

1. What is your earliest memory of Edinburgh? Arriving at King's Buildings for a job interview in 1970 at the School of Agriculture, and discovering that I really wanted to come and work here!

2. What are your memories of school? I attended Manchester High School for Girls. I remember having to do what I was told, be what was required and get the right marks for everything. Uniform had to be exact at all times – both inside and outside school. Writing paper was in short supply most of the time.

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3. Where is your favourite place in Edinburgh and why? The Royal Scottish Museum. I have spent hours and hours there with my children over the years. We learned so much, and there was always more. The models of dinasours that we bought there are still arranged on the chest in my bathroom!

4. What are the best things about Edinburgh? The architecture, climate and opportunities, Princes Street Gardens and the Botanics. There are several wonderful organs and gifted organists.

5. What would you change about the city? More help for those who are struggling – homeless people and people with health problems that limit their ability to enjoy being out and about. More resources that enable people to become involved in something satisfying that is of benefit to them and to our society.

6. Describe a perfect Edinburgh day/night out. Walking round Holyrood Park, on Salisbury Crags and up Arthur's Seat, followed by a visit to one of the many excellent art galleries.

7. Which sports interest you? I am deeply impressed by the runners and joggers who turn out in all weathers to raise money for charity, and swimming. We have several good pools and easy access to the sea from clean beaches.

8. What was your most embarrassing moment? Finding myself driving down a section of Princes Street that had been closed to cars.

9. What is your greatest achievement? The help that I have been able to give people who want to look more deeply into their lives and are therefore more able to address their problems.

10. Sum up Edinburgh in three words. A wonderful city.