Ten Questions: Alison Johnstone

Alison Johnstone, 42, is Green Councillor for Meadows and Morningside. She lives off Colinton Road.

1 What is your earliest memory of Edinburgh? Breaking my arm, having run too fast down the grassy slopes of Braidburn Valley Park on a school trip, and believing the teacher who assured me that, despite the massive lump sticking out of my forearm, it was a pulled muscle!

2 What are your memories of school? I attended St Augustine's High School. There was a real emphasis on extra-curricular sport by dedicated sports teachers who coached us at lunchtimes and after school, a very successful multi Scottish Cup-winning basketball team and good friends.

3 What is your favourite place in Edinburgh and why? Colinton Dell – great for running, cycling, walking and so easy to get to, a real haven on the edge of our busy city. I always stop on the wooden bridge across the Water of Leith, take in the incredible scenery and realise that we're really spoiled.

4 What are the best things about Edinburgh? The village atmosphere of our great local high streets like Bruntsfield and Morningside, the seven hills, the people, the fact that no matter what you're interested in, you can probably find it in Edinburgh.

5 What would you change about the city? I'd make much more of our parks, transforming them into real "day-out" venues. I'd have more than one loo in the Meadows, for example. I'd like to see less expensive bus fares for children and real cooking kitchens in all our schools and daily walking buses to all primary schools as the norm. And I'd make sure the festivals were truly affordable for all of Edinburgh's people. More investment is required to properly maintain our sports facilities, and greater heed needs to be taken of the views of residents on planning issues.

6 Describe a perfect Edinburgh day/night out. Walking with my family on one of our many hills, Craiglockhart, Blackford or Arthur's Seat, and an evening trip to the unique and luxurious Dominion Cinema, a real city treasure.

7 Which sports interest you? Athletics, tennis and cycling.

8 What was your most embarrassing moment? Appearing in the Evening News caption competition with my bottom in the air!

9 What is your greatest achievement? Not yet having exhausted the patience of my wonderful family.

10 Sum up Edinburgh in three words. Perfectly formed city.