Teenagers aged 14 become Britain's youngest parents

TWO 14-year-old children have become the UK's youngest parents with the birth of their son Jamie.

The baby, who was born four weeks ago, was conceived when mother April Webster and father Nathan Fishbourne had unprotected sex when they were aged only 13.

The couple started their relationship at St Cenydd school in Caerphilly, South Wales, which they both attend.

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Webster discovered that she was pregnant the day before her 14th birthday.

The baby was born by Caesarian section. The 8lb 14oz baby is now living with Webster and her parents and is being bottle fed. The new arrival was born with a malformed oesophagus, which hindered his feeding. But he has recovered after an operation.

Reports yesterday suggested that Fishbourne believed the young couple were still an item, but Webster said they were having a "cooling off period".

Webster added: "He has not turned his back on the baby, but he's asking to do things like have him stay over at his house. That's caused arguments. We have few things to sort out."

Fishbourne lives with his parents a couple of miles away from Webster in Caerphilly.