Teenage terrors caught on camera by Hawick shopkeeper

Two teenage terrors caught on camera in an apparent bid to break into a Hawick shop have been shamed, if not named, on Facebook.

Katrina Yule in Kat's Corner Shop in Hawick.
Katrina Yule in Kat's Corner Shop in Hawick.

Closed-circuit TV footage from Kat’s Corner Shop in Myreslaw Green captured two youngsters seemingly staking out the premises at 4am last Wednesday.

The boys fled after one had clambered up to look through a window as the other acted as a lookout.

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However, they proceeded to kick and smash to pieces a recycling box outside the shop, with their noisy antics and foul language waking up a large part of the neighbourhood.

CCTV footage of youths apparently attempting to break into Kat's Corner in Hawick.

Shopkeeper Katrina Yule knows the names of the two local lads, both in their mid-teens, but has chosen not to report the incident to the police and is keeping their identities secret.

However, she has taken her own revenge by posting a still from the video footage on her Facebook site, disguising the face of the boy gazing into the shop window with, appropriately, a clown’s face.

Ironically, the posting of the message on the social media site was forecast by the boy’s accomplice, who can be heard on the audio from the video saying: “Kat’s going to put this on Facebook.”

Indeed, the same youngster had the nerve to walk into Katrina’s newsagents shop the next day and beg her to tell his mother a lie to protect him.

Katrina, 28, said: “He came in and asked me to tell his mother that he was only trying to get an energy drink – at four o’clock in the morning!”

The shop owner is no stranger to confrontation.

Almost two years ago, she managed to wrestle a golf club and a knife from an assailant attempting to raid her shop while under the influence of drugs – a terrifying incident also captured on CCTV footage.

That attack led her to bolster security at her premises.

She said: “I know who these two boys are, but I have chosen not to report it to the police because their hands are tied as they didn’t actually break in, but I wanted to let their parents know what they were up to, and that’s why I put it on Facebook. They should know there are consequences to their actions.

“These boys currently don’t care about the consequences of their actions. They have no discipline. There are pregnant women and babies in the street who were woken up by the racket they caused.

“They may think they are just being daft, but this has a detrimental impact on people’s lives.

“It’s also not an isolated incident. There have been reports of youngsters camping out and setting fires near the golf course.”

Since posting the image Katrina has received dozens of messages of support and advice on social media, many encouraging her to name and shame the youngsters and tell the police.

Pauline Nutman posted: “That’s awful. Do you know who they are? Name and shame them.”

Catriona Madden blamed the boys’ parents, posting: “Where are the parents for them to be out at that time?”

There was even more forceful condemnation from Donna Gillan, who said: “What is wrong with people? It’s disgusting that people think it is acceptable to just help themselves to things that are not theirs or damage people’s property they work hard to make a living from. The sad thing is they probably won’t get done for this.”

Donna Gillian summed up a lot of the reactions by saying: “It’s shocking. The poor woman has had nowt but s**t from absolute scumbags trying to rob her and break in just for a bit fun.

“Folk have no respect at all these days. It makes me so worried for my wee one growing up in this sad world we’re living in now.”