Teen fined for injuring bat with his pool cue

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A TEENAGER was caught striking and injuring a bat with a pool cue after his friend posted video footage of the offence on Facebook.

Bruce Chisholm, 19, hit the pipistrelle bat, which he claims flew at him while he was playing pool in a British Legion club in Aberdeen.

The wild animal was found in the women’s toilets in the building and was taken into the main drinking area on a dustpan by the barman.

Chisholm then struck the bat with the cue and it fell to the ground and was put outside the building.

The oil worker was charged after footage on Facebook was seen by the Scottish SPCA.

The teenager later admitted injuring or killing the bat and was sentenced at Aberdeen Sheriff Court with a fine of £160.

Chisholm, of Aberdeen, admitted deliberately or recklessly injuring or killing a protected animal in a letter to the court last month.

His lawyer, Gail Galloway, claimed the bat flew into his cue on 27 July last year, causing him to panic. She said: “His first thoughts were bats – rabies.

“It may well have been that the bat was temporarily stunned and flew off. These are very unusual circumstances.”

The court heard that Chisholm’s aunt runs an animal sanctuary. Ms Galloway suggested an absolute discharge could be a possible option.

But Sheriff Malcolm Garden said he did not think that was an appropriate option given the protection that the species have.

Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said: “This was a deliberate and shameful act of violence against a defenceless animal.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 protects bats and their roosts in England, Scotland and Wales. Under the legislation it is an offence to intentionally kill, injure or take a bat.