Teams race to make quick flick in two days

FILMMAKERS will be racing against the clock to create original movies in just 48 hours.

Teams will be gathering at the Cameo Cinema on Friday to choose characters, props and genres at random.

They will then be sent to create a film from scratch by the end of the weekend. The results of the Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project will be shown at the Cameo on Tuesday, May 20, and Wednesday, May 21, at 9pm.

The cinema's general manager, Ian Hoey, said: "The Cameo has a history of supporting people with imagination and a drive to work in film."

Prizes will be awarded in 15 categories. Teams can win digital video editing software in the world's largest timed-film competition, while the best writer will win a Cameo membership. Mr Hoey and Paul Dale, film editor for The List, will judge the competition.

As well as competing, one team, Bad Pony Productions, is also filming a documentary about the process for Channel 4.

Producer Frank McGowan said: "The 48 Hour Film Project is a real starting block for new directors and producers."