Talk of the Town: Thumbs up for Muirfield

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WITH their private jets and helicopters on standby you’d think the world’s top golfers would have no trouble getting to and from The Open.

But US golfer and six-time PGA tour winner Matt Kuchar was left stranded when the car due to take him to the grounds failed to show up. Undeterred, he started walking and a number of cars passed by before one eagle-eyed golf fan realised exactly who it was by the side of the road and drove him the rest of the way.

Alarming opening to Jessie’s Castle gig

POP queen Jessie J was making plenty of noise at Edinburgh Castle on Wednesday night – but she wasn’t the only one.

The singer was left in a spin after the alarm protecting the Scottish crown jewels went off shortly before she took to the stage. Police were scrambled to the scene amid fears security surrounding the priceless jewels had been breached.

But the gig went ahead after it was revealed the alarm had been triggered by a power cut.

Bubbles and cheek

THE Capital was not the only place sweltering in the heat yesterday, with Hibs supporters enjoying the Swedish sunshine in Malmo ahead of the club’s Europa League qualifier.

And some cheeky fans couldn’t resist the temptation to throw in some liquid soap into a fountain, turning it into a giant bubble bath.

Sculp to the challenge

THE mystery book sculptor delivered another gift to the City of Literature yesterday – and it seems there may be plans for something bigger. The artist has set up a Twitter account, @_freetofly_ , saying: “The account will last only as long as its eponymous project

. . . and I may need help.”