Tackle bad neighbours says MP

AN Edinburgh MP has said more should be done to tackle the issue of noisy neighbours.

Sheila Gilmore, who represents Edinburgh East, said she had an 85-year-old constituent who had to wait two years to get rid of a neighbour who had terrified her with his drinking partners, but had refused to be forced from her home.

She said: “People have an absolute right to peace of mind and security in their homes and neighbourhoods.

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“No-one should have to endure selfish and excessive behaviour from their neighbours.

“She has a right to expect local and national government to support her in ensuring a peaceful life in her own home.”

Mrs Gilmore claimed that “thousands” of other residents were being plagued by unacceptable behaviour from neighbours in Edinburgh.

She added: “Let’s make sure the resources and commitment are there so that these situations are dealt with fairly, effectively and quickly.”