Susan Boyle threatened by sectarian abuse caller

Susan Boyle has been left frightened to leave her home after being bombarded with threats and sectarian abuse.

Susan Boyle has been tormented by the calls. Picture: Jane Barlow

The staunch Catholic has spoken out about how her cowardly tormentor barked down the phone “F*** you” and “F*** the Pope”, warning her: “I know where you live.”

The shaken 54-year-old singer, who was contacted several times by the unknown man, also has revealed she was frightened to sleep after the threats.

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It has been reported that he phoned her home in Blackburn, West Lothian up to ten times in two days.

However, it is understood the police have so far received only one complaint relating to phone calls received on Saturday.

She said: “I’m really worried about getting these threatening calls - I haven’t slept much since they started.

“I have no idea who the person is or why they have chosen to call me.

“I am very vulnerable as I live on my own and they have made me very upset.

“I do not like getting these calls and something must be done to stop this guy.

“I really don’t know who he is or how he got my number. It is all a mystery and came very suddenly over the weekend.

“He doesn’t sound like a local person but he keeps calling my home.”

SuBo, who has vowed to continue with her normal routines despite the threats, also revealed that the man doesn’t ring from a withheld number which she has now passed to the police.

A police spokeswoman said: “Police in West Lothian received a report of nuisance phone calls received at an address in Blackburn on Saturday June 20.

“Enquiries into the full circumstances surrounding this incident are ongoing.”