Susan Boyle house thief back in court

A teenager who stole £9 from Susan Boyle’s home has returned to court after breaching his electronic tag curfew for the second time.

Scott Millar had his movements restricted for four months last November for threatening to kill police officers with a meat cleaver.

At Livingston Sheriff Court today the 18-year-old admitted he was six minutes late for the 7pm to 7am curfew on December 7 and 12 minutes late on December 16.

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He claimed his first absence was due to missing the bus home to his mum’s in Whitburn, West Lothian.

On the second occasion his excuse was that he was out in the garden and didn’t hear the phone.

He denied breaching the restriction of liberty order a further four times and cutting the electronic tag off his ankle.

His story – that his tag was cut off by someone else while he was sleeping – and his denials of the other breaches were accepted by the court.

Iain Smith, defending, said that Millar had not had a tag on since it was illegally removed on December 22.

He said: “He called us in the middle of the night to ask us to issue a letter to ensure that he was not in breach.

“He knows he ‘s not allowed to go outside his house, even if it’s for 10 minutes to smoke a cigarette.”

Sheriff Douglas Kinloch revoked the original tagging order and imposed a new 7pm to 7am curfew for two months.

He said: “I’m prepared to carry on with this restriction of liberty order even though it’s the second time you’ve had to come to court for breaching it.

“All your previous offences occurred after you spent the evening out drinking with your friends.

“If you get this tag back on, I hope it still might be beneficial to you by keeping you out of situations in which you may get into trouble.”

Millar was previously fined £80 for stealing from SuBo after breaking into her home in Blackburn.