Sunbed risk higher than Mediterranean midday summer sun

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THE skin cancer risk from sunbeds is more than double that of spending the same length of time in the Mediterranean midday summer sun, a new study claims.

Dundee University researchers have also warned the strength of ultraviolet radiation in sunbeds used in the UK is ­almost twice the recommended limit.

One of the sunbeds tested produced a skin cancer risk six times higher than the sun.

Professor Harry Moseley, consultant medical physicist at Dundee University, said: “The development of high-power sunlamps, along with clear failures of the sunbed industry to regulate themselves effectively, is putting people at an even greater risk of skin cancer than we previously thought.

“We hope these findings will make people think twice before using sunbeds, as you can’t be sure how much radiation you’re exposing yourself to when you try to top up a tan.

“People need to be encouraged to take better care of their skin.”