Summer doesn't smell so sweet

Body odour, tight swimming trunks, body hair on show, and men wearing vests … these are all among the top summer turn-offs, according to research.

More than three-fifths of Britons want BO brought under control, making it top of a list of things that should be banned.

Second place went to tight swimming trunks, with body hair on show voted third.

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Vest-wearing by men was also unpopular, as was the wearing of sunglasses inside.

Nearly a third of people said being stuck at work when it was hot outside was the worst thing about the summer, but 82 per cent said they would not consider pulling a summer "sickie".

Nearly a quarter said the best thing about summer was the fact that people were happier than during the winter, with that voted higher even than going on holiday (12 per cent).

More than 2,000 people took part in Costa Coffee's survey.