Storm Callum: Your hour by hour forecast for Edinburgh and the Lothians

A video from the Met Office has shown the impact that Storm Callum will have on the UK as a whole and when it will head east.

Edinburgh will see a very windy start to the day, but winds will slowly ease as the day progresses.

The Capital and the surrounding areas can expect heavy rain later on in the evening however, Edinburgh could miss much of the storm.

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There is a wind warning in place from 3am to midnight on Friday, which covers Northern Ireland and parts of Western Scotland and warns of gusts of 50 to 60 mph in some places, with the potential for gusts of 70 mph around exposed coasts and hills.

Storm Callum is sweeping across much of the country

Rain will then hit Edinburgh on Friday afternoon, becoming increasingly heavier into the evening.

Edinburgh will then see heavy rain continuously throughout the day on Saturday, only easing towards late evening.

Rain is also expected from 7am on Saturday until 8pm the same day.