The spoof: Will Katia 'like' her brand new Facebook page?

A selection of entries on the spoof Facebook page that quickly emerged after the story broke

Facebook followers wasted no time having fun with the espionage affair that has engulfed the UK.

A page on the social networking site set up under Katia Zatuliveter's name describes its host as "just a fun-loving Russian girl working at the heart of British Government".

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The image is of a Lady Penelope-style cartoon character with apparently spoof postings, including one showing a picture of GCHQ, the government's intelligence-gathering complex in Cheltenham.

"I took this photo a while back of this lovely building in Cheltenham during one of my recent flying lessons" the message states.

There's also a picture of an airborne fighter jet, with the message: "Here's one for Ivan, my friend back home."

Another aerial view showing a townscape below adds: "Here's a snap I took of Aldermaston, a quaint village where they do research into nuclear weapons and germ warfare."