Speeding accused: 'Trial too slow'

A LAWYER representing a top Scottish footballer has hit out at the length of time it has taken prosecutors to bring to court a minor speeding case against him.

Celtic star Scott Brown signed autographs at Falkirk Justice of the Peace Court yesterday as his lawyer complained that repeated prosecution bungles were exposing the midfielder to "unwanted publicity".

Brown was allegedly clocked doing 83.4 miles an hour at the wheel of his 100,000 Porsche 911 Carrera Tiptronic on the M876 Denny Loanhead to Kincardine Bridge motorway on 8 January last year.

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Brown, 24, who denies the charge, turned up to fight it, only to be told that the prosecution was not ready. Depute fiscal Kirsten Anderson, prosecuting, asked for the trial to be adjourned because the main police witness was "long term sick".

Brown's solicitor, Michael Lyon, said: "The case has the dubious accolade of calling a year after the alleged incident.

"Mr Brown is not at risk of disqualification. He is not a 'totter'. The allegation is a very minor speeding offence. You can't really get more borderline than 83 in a 70 zone.

"He is well known here. I would imagine everyone in the court knows who he is. He was signing autographs within the court building. He is in the papers every day and this is not the sort of attention my client wants to attract.

"It is my submission that the crown's failings are inexcusable, and it is my submission that the case against my client should be dropped."

Justice of the Peace Ian Sneddon upheld the Crown's motion to adjourn, and said the trial would have one final chance to go ahead in March.

"If it does not go ahead at the next opportunity, then the case will be dropped," he said.