Specialist unit formed to tackle Glasgow gang crime

Operation Bistra tackled drugs and organised crime.
Operation Bistra tackled drugs and organised crime.
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Police are creating a specialist unit to combat the gangland violence that has resulted in an increase in shootings and other attacks in the city.

A specialist unit is being formed after police revealed that they believed a turf war over drug trade was resulting in increased violence.

Last year, there were 64 murders in Scotland, the largest since the formation of Police Scotland with knife crime reportedly at its highest level since the formation of the single force.

Hit and run attacks will also be targeted by the police unit, with the attacks becoming more common due to such attacks carrying lighter prison sentences.

Police Scotland is aiming to ‘dismantle’ crime empires in the city, using new forensic tactics to target illegal businesses.

As well as the specialist unit, a team will carry out long-running intelligence operations.

Police told the TimesL “We have officers who are targeting the different aspects these groups are involved in so that we can do whatever we can to dismantle them.”