SNP's election plan to be focussed on the '˜why of independence' - Keith Brown

Keith Brown has said that the SNP is ready for a snap election and that in the event of such a vote, he believes the party would focus on the case around the '˜why of independence'.

Writing in the comment section for The National, the new depute leader of the party said that the SNP were working hard for the people of Scotland and were prepared for the prospect of another referendum or a snap election.

On the matter of the Growth Commission and independencem he said that such aspects were bigger than just the SNP and that they had a responsibility to set out a credible plan for a future Scotland as well as take on other ideas from others and list.

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Depute Leader Keith Brown said the SNP must focus on the why of independence.

As part of his strategy, he claimed that he was meeting with union bosses and busines groups to gain their opinions and explain their views.

He also stated that the mobilisation of the mass membership of the SNP was vital for the next election or referendum.

Speaking on what the policy of the party would be he said: “I have been ramping up the SNP’s preparedness for a snap Westminster election as well as building the case around the ‘why of independence’.

“Make no mistake: with the Tories in turmoil over Brexit and Labour devoid of relevance and purpose in Scotland, we’re fired up and ready to go.”