SNP’s Alyn Smith backs referendum on monarchy post independence

Alyn Smith backs a referendum on the monarchy if Scotland votes for independence. Picture: PA
Alyn Smith backs a referendum on the monarchy if Scotland votes for independence. Picture: PA
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A referendum should be held on ditching the Queen if Scotland becomes independent, according to one of the contenders for the SNP Deputy Leadership.

MEP Alyn Smith wants to see a “proper debate” on the issue but stopped short of saying if he support keeping the monarchy.

The SNP’s current policy is to keep the Queen as the elected head of state after independence, but it has previously backed a referendum on the future of the institution.

Mr Smith made his call during a live webchat yesterday on Reddit.

“I want to see the people of Scotland in charge of Scotland’s future,” he said.

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“So once we regain independence I would be up for a referendum on the subject and the people will choose, but let’s do it after independence so we can have a proper debate about the subject in its own right.

“There are monarchies I like, and there are republics I like, so long as the people have chosen I’ll respect that choice.”

Nicola Sturgeon has said another independence referendum is “highly likely” following the UK vote to leave the European Union against majority opinion in Scotland.

Some polls have even suggested a slim majority of Scots would vote for independence.

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Many senior Nationalists including environment secretary Roseanna Cunningham and Deputy Presiding Officer Christine Grahame are known to be anti-monarchists.

But Scottish Conservative Deputy leader Jackson Carlaw accused Mr Smith of trying to appease “extreme elements” within the SNP support.

“There is no appetite in Scotland for a referendum on the monarchy, and nor is there one for a referendum re-run,” he said.

But the referendum call met with the support of UK anti-monarchy group Republic.

Chief executive Graham Smith said: “It makes absolutely perfect sense if a country becomes independent to then take a view as to whether it wants its own independent head of state.”

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