SNP pledge free fruit for school children

Nicola Sturgeon pledges free fruit for primary children
Nicola Sturgeon pledges free fruit for primary children
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THE SNP has promised to provide free daily fruit for primary school children.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has made the pledge to make it compulsory for local authorities to offer children a healthy snack, such as a bag of apple slices, each day.

She said: “Improving the health of all our children is part of making sure they have the best start in life.

“If we can start that habit in schools, then we can really improve the health of the nation.”

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Details of the scheme, such as how councils will pay for it, have still to be confirmed, but an SNP spokeswoman said the initiative would be running by next year if the party is re-elected.

Currently, just 11 of Scotland’s 32 councils have a free fruit and veg scheme in school, down from 16 in 2013-14.

The promise from the SNP regarding fressh fruit in school comes following a warning by doctors’ association BMA Scotland claiming children only getting 2.8 portions of fruit and veg per day, instead of the recommended five.

BMA Scotland national director Jill Vickerman said: “We are pleased the SNP have set out a commitment to ensure all primary school children have access to their five-a-day.

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“Any proposals making it easier for children to choose healthy food is good news for their long-term health and could reduce the burden on the health service in the future.”

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