SNP Minister slams ‘lousy’ Tories after being criticised for tablet recipe

Maree Todd. Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire
Maree Todd. Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire
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A Scottish Government Minister has hit out after being criticised by political opponents over the sugar content in a batch of tablet she had made for children.

Maree Todd, who is the Minister for children and young people, posted her recipe for the iconic Scottish snack after delivering a batch of tablet to a summer camp for Care Experienced young people.

The summer camp, run by charity Who Cares? Scotland, aims to ‘bring Care Experienced children and young people together to have fun and feel loved.’

After posting pictures of the homemade tablet being cooked, Ms Todd shared her recipe, which included 2lbs of sugar, 4oz of butter and a can of condensed milk.

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A story in the Herald tied her recipe to the Scottish Governments plans to combat obesity, and quoted a Scottish Conservative spokesman as saying: “Considering her position as the minister for childcare and early years, many parents would rather their children didn’t use a recipe that requires two pounds of sugar.

“It’s clear that when the SNP try to encourage healthy eating it’s do as I say not as I do.”

However, the Minister hit back, writing on Twitter: “This is pretty lousy from both the @heraldscotland and the @ScotTories. I shared the recipe because I had spent a lot of time hand making a treat for care experienced young folk for their summer camp.

“What better way to show love than a holiday treat. What better way to show love than taking time to make something by hand. What better way to encourage love in the care system than by modelling it. Occasional treats which make you feel loved are good for your health.

“The real story is about love. Love in the care system, precious memories evoked in recipes, and the love with which we cook and eat together.”

Who Cares? Scotland’s public affairs manager Jamie Kinlochan added: “A few cubes of homemade tablet eaten at summer camp full of activities isn’t driving poor public health. There’s structural and ideological decisions that need examined before we go there.

“Giving this quote and giving this story traction does the efforts of people like (Conservative MSPs Liz Smith, Mary Scanlon, Annie Wells, Brian Whittle and Miles Briggs a disservice.”