Snow White left with just six dwarfs after Blushy knocked out cold

A PANTO turned into Snow White and the Six Dwarfs after an actress was knocked out by a co-star on stage.

Audrey Wilson, 36, who plays Blusher in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Glasgow's King's Theatre, was accidentally kicked in the head by another dwarf during a fight scene. When the curtain rose after intermission, the 4ft 4in star was missing, having been rushed to hospital.

The pantomime star said yesterday: "It was just before the second half, I got a kick to my face.

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"It was a total accident, but it came as a bit of a shock, I never saw the other dwarf's foot coming. I had to be carried off unconscious, which was a bit disappointing. I wanted to finish the second half."

Ms Wilson was a pub cleaner until she gave it up a decade ago for a career in panto. She has appeared as dwarfs Wheezy and Grumbly in productions in Bournemouth and York but landing a role in the Christmas show at King's Theatre, in Glasgow, was special, as it was close to her hometown of Renfrew.

The production, which began on 3 December, also stars one-time pop star Darius Campbell as the handsome Prince.

Ms Wilson stepped out in her rouge, red hat and boots every night without incident until disaster struck on Wednesday.

She was kicked during a choreographed fight between the dwarfs and the ghosts in a haunted forest, and blacked out.

She was back on stage the following night, and has been left with no lasting damage.