Smoking in cars ban proposal to be put to MSPs

Picture: PA
Picture: PA
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Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for South Scotland, Jim Hume, has today announced that he will launch his consultation on a proposal for a Members’ Bill to ban smoking in vehicles while children are present on Tuesday 28th May.

• South Scotland MSP Jim Hume will launch the consultation

• It is seen as the next step in tobacco control.

Jim Hume said such a ban has already gained support from a number of charities, including Children in Scotland and the British Heart Foundation.

The South Scotland MSP will launch the consultation on proposals for his Members Bill on Tuesday.

It comes as the tobacco display ban comes into force, meaning the largest retailers will not be allowed to have tobacco products on display.

Mr Hume said banning adults from smoking in cars when children are present is the next step in tobacco control.

“Passive smoking is entirely avoidable and a private vehicle is one of the few places a child can still be legally exposed to tobacco smoke,” he said.

“I stand alongside the British Heart Foundation, British Lung Foundation, Children in Scotland and ASH Scotland, among many others, in seeking a change to the law and hope that people and organisations from across Scotland can take part in this important consultation.

“It doesn’t seem fair that any child should have to be trapped in a car which is filled with smoke. When you consider the real implications this can have for a child’s immediate and future health, it is clear we need to do what we can to protect children and give them the best start in life.”