Site of Scots most famous victory being swallowed up by houses

It is still possible to get a dramatic picture of the Battle of Bannockburn site between the housing estates. But with Stirling continuously expanding and the M9 close by, the future of the site is seen as a battleground of the future.

There are a number of planning applications on areas identified as within the battlefield by the Inventory of Historic Battlefields.

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So far, just one military artefact has been recovered from the area, a likely 14th century arrowhead, despite extensive metal detector searches.

Geographic features, such as the pits dug by the Scots to break up the English advance, have not yet been located.

At least part of the battle landscape has been covered with housing estates. But key areas including Bannockburn Wood, the possible site of a massacre of the English, remain free. There is a "high potential" for discovering individual burials or the mass graves where the dead were said to be piled up after the battle.