Sister 'wouldn't have stood by him if he cheated on wife'

Tommy Sheridan's divorced sister has told a jury she would never have stood by him if she believed he had cheated on his wife.

"I would not allow another woman to go through what I went through," Carol Allan, 50, said. She was one of two witnesses called by Sheridan as he wound up his defence evidence yesterday at the end of the 11th week of the trial.

The second witness, his sister-in-law Gillian McFarlane, 40, said she was "certain" her husband had been at home with her on a night he allegedly went with Sheridan to a swingers' club in Manchester.

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Sheridan, 46, is accused of lying in his evidence during his successful defamation action in 2006 against the News of the World, which had published allegations about his private life.

Mrs Allan, a care manager from Glasgow, said she had stayed with her brother and Mrs Sheridan for a week in December 2000 after her marriage had broken down.

Sheridan asked if she had seen a sunbed in the house.

In previous evidence, Katrine Trolle, who alleged she had had an affair with Sheridan, said she visited his home some time in December 2000 and had seen a sunbed. Sheridan asked his sister: "Are you positive in the week you stayed you did not see a sunbed?" Mrs Allan replied: "Definitely."

The trial continues next week.