Silverburn to offer Christmas shoppers quick power naps

A Glasgow shopping centre is set to offer frenzied Christmas shoppers a chance to relax - with 15-minute naps.

Shoppers will be offered naps in the bedding department at Debenhams. Picture: Contributed

Silverburn shopping centre in Pollok is teaming up with Debenhams to offer ‘snooze sessions’ from tomorrow in a bid to combat impulse decision buying.

Shoppers will be given the chance to climb into bed in Debenham’s home department to enjoy a quick power nap.

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Dr Renée Bleau, Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Glasgow and Chair of the British Psychological Society Social Psychology Section, said, “Scientific psychological research has found that decisions made by people after a long session of decision making will deteriorate; people’s willpower, or ability to consider the pros and cons of choices, is lessened greatly if they’re tired or after they’ve had to make a series of even small decisions.

“So, ensuring you are well rested and clear-of-mind during shopping sprees, particularly over Christmas, is really important for those wanting to made good purchasing decisions.”

David Pierotti, General Manager of Silverburn, said, “As the countdown to Christmas starts to feel like it’s at warp speed, we thought it necessary to introduce something that will give Silverburn shoppers that little bit of peace and quiet to refuel and get them through the final week.

“Shopping can be stressful at the best of times, so hopefully this will go a little way to helping make the experience as pleasant as possible.”

The snooze sessions will be available from 6pm to 9pm from tomorrow.