Silence is golden for acting workshop

ANYONE who reckons they have the talent to be the next Charlie Chaplin is being given a chance to find out at a series of workshops in the Capital.

The Nomadic Academy for Fools will hold one weekend workshop and perform three of their own shows over the next week.

Throughout their performances, the Fools wear black and use no props.

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"It's a very different way of acting," said producer Jolie Pierce. "With the workshops we show people how to create complete atmospheres, and you learn how to take the audience with you."

Jonathan Kay set up the Academy 36 years ago so that actors could learn how to create scenes with no props or costumes.

"It's about turning up anywhere, with nothing, and performing," said Ms Pierce.

The Fools will also give their own performances, including Shakespeare's history play Richard II – with a twist.

Several performers will play the same character at the same time, showing the complexities of each character's emotion. The play is showing at the Roxy Art House on 6 May.

The workshop is at Out of the Blue Drill Hall from 1-2 May. Attendees are advised to wear comfortable clothing. There is no fixed cost, only donations.