Sign and bird cage left at gallery may be from Banksy

EDINBURGH’S guerilla artists appear to have struck again, but there’s no sign of them singing like a canary.

In a bizarre series of events, the owner of a soon-to-be opened Bruntsfield gallery says a mysterious cast iron sign has appeared outside, quickly followed the day after by the arrival of two birds in a cage.

It may seem like the perfect – if slightly extravagant – publicity stunt but owner Myles McCormick insists he is as stumped as anyone.

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And for an added twist, the sign which appeared reads “Banksy of Scotland: Est 1995”, leading Mr McCormick to believe it may be the famous reclusive urban artist.

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Banksy representatives have, however, denied any knowledge to the Evening News.

Mr McCormick, who says he is about to open Masterpiece Fine Art on Bruntsfield Place, said: “My builder rang to say the signmakers had messed up hanging a new sign outside but when I called them they hadn’t even completed work on it.

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“Then the penny dropped. In a recent conversation with Banksy’s agent, she became excited about a Chinese contemporary art exhibition I’m putting together here in August. She hinted that she had ‘a plan’. Well I think the plan, all 100kg of it, is now sat by my desk.”

A copy of Banksy’s documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop was also shoved through the letterbox with a marking reading “Bank of Do’Lan”, a Chinese artist whose work Mr McCormick is about to stock.

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Then Mr McCormick said he received a pair of canaries in a cage the following morning.

He said: “I don’t know what to make of it. The symbolism and implication isn’t lost on me.”

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