Sex attacker caught due to his Adidas trainers

Attacker wore distinctive Adidas Adipure Essence trainers. Picture: Adidas
Attacker wore distinctive Adidas Adipure Essence trainers. Picture: Adidas
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A SEX attacker who pounced on two women at their homes was caught after police tracked him down using the treadmarks left by his distinctive trainers, a court has heard.

Mariusz Cieslar targeted his victims late at night at their homes in Livingston, West Lothian, in April and May this year.

The 26-year-old Pole attacked one woman as she was standing smoking a cigarette in her back garden. The second woman awoke to find Cieslar sitting beside her in her bed.

Police discovered their attacker had worn Adidas Adipure Essence trainers after finding treadmarks at the scene of the attacks.

Cieslar, a young father who worked as a cleaner, was then linked to a pair bought at a shop near where he lived. He was eventually arrested as he returned from a family holiday in Greece. The distinctive Adidas trainers were found at his home.

Yesterday Cieslar – who was known to police in Poland before he moved to the UK – pleaded guilty to assaulting both women with intent to rape.

He was warned to expect a lengthy jail term for what Judge Lord Turnbull described as “terrifying and serious assaults”.

The High Court in Glasgow heard the victims were both strangers to Cieslar.

His first victim, a 21-year-old woman, was attacked on 8 April as she smoked a cigarette outside her house after arriving home from work.

She suddenly became aware of Cieslar crouched near her as she stood in her garden. He then grabbed her and overpowered her before assaulting her.

Prosecutor Rosemary Guinnane told how Cieslar was “rough and physical” with the woman.

His victim struggled bravely as her attacker tried to pull down her jeans. She recalled “flailing and kicking” and feared she was about to be raped.

She was able to scream loudly, which appeared to panic Cieslar and he fled by climbing over a high fence into woodland.

The woman told her family what had happened and police were called.

However, Cieslar remained at large and was free to attack a second woman on 7 May.

The 27-year-old victim had fallen asleep on her bed – but woke to find Cieslar next to her.

He had managed to sneak in through a window she left open to air her bedroom.

The court heard how he restrained the woman leaving her unable to move.

He attacked her as she begged: “Please stop.”

She tried to calm him down, hoping he would desist. Her terrifying ordeal ended when Cieslar suddenly got up and climbed out of the window through which he had entered.

His victim was so distraught she could not remember the police emergency number and instead got in touch with a friend for help.

Detectives linked the attacks after DNA found at the second incident matched a sample from the first.

Police also discovered the same treadmark had been left at each scene. This was found to have come from an Adidas Adipure trainer.

Checks revealed this type of trainer was sold in only two outlets in Scotland – including one in Livingston, where Cieslar lived.

Police got a breakthrough when a purchase using a card in the name of Cieslar’s partner was traced.

Officers were then waiting for him as he returned to the UK from a family holiday to Greece in August.

It emerged he had already been quizzed just weeks earlier in connection with a domestic assault – and had given a DNA sample.

Police searched his home and found the Adidas trainers. The DNA sample was also fast-tracked for analysis and this matched that taken from the attacks.

The court heard how the two women were still traumatised. The first victim was said to be struggling with the “huge impact” of what had happened, while the second had moved house and often broke down in tears.

It was revealed yesterday that Cieslar was already on the criminal database for theft back in his homeland, prior to arriving in the UK five years ago.

Remanding Cieslar in custody pending sentencing in the new year, Lord Turnbull paid tribute to the “bravery” of his victims.

The judge told Cieslar: “You have pled guilty to two most terrifying and serious assaults. Each were perpetrated on women who were strangers and who thought they were safe in the confines of their own homes. You attacked the women with the intention of raping them.

“It seems … that it is only as a consequence of their bravery and clear thinking that you were denied your intention.”

Cieslar was also put on the sex offenders’ register.