Scottish teenager paralysed after freak kite accident in Australia

Picture: Getty
Picture: Getty
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A Scottish 17-year-old has been left paralysed after his eye was impaled in a kiting accident in Australia.

Iain Carmichael, who emigrated to Australia from West Lothian, was admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital in Western Australia.

Carmichael, a promising footballer, was on his way home from training when the incident happened. The kite being flown by a family crashed into Carmichael’s eye and punctured his brain.

The Scottish teenager was instantly paralysed in the incident and was on life support until he woke on 28 November.

He is still partially paralysed, but doctors and family are holding out hope that Iain will recover.

Iain’s father Robert Carmichael said: “The first few days in intensive care, we were just wrecked. We just didn’t know what damage had been done and now he’s had a few brain scans but it’s still a waiting game.”