Scottish restaurant owner's steak house '˜haunted by the ghost of his mum'

A restaurant owner says his seafront grill is haunted by the ghost of his mother after a stranger dropped off old family heirloom.s

Morris's Steakhouse in Largs. Picture: GoogleMaps
Morris's Steakhouse in Largs. Picture: GoogleMaps

Gordon Scott, owner of Morris’s Steakhouse in Largs, North Ayrshire says that his mother Margaret’s spirit and one of a mysterious man in black are in the restaurant.

He says customers and staff have witnessed strange things happening with clocks flying off walls and the sounds of footsteps in empty rooms.

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Gordon says a string of ghost sightings have occurred since he took on the restaurant more than 30 years ago but they quietened down in recent years.

However, Gordon, who lives in the flat above the restaurant where his mother also stayed, says since getting the family memorabilia there has been a number of incidents that can’t be explained.

He said: “After my mother’s death a customer brought old Morris family memorabilia into the restaurant.

“As she was leaving she touched my arm and said, ‘you don’t know this, but your mother is standing right next to you’.

“This woman was a complete stranger and she told me things about her that were so accurate, things she could never have known about my mum.

“It was very comforting knowing she was there.”

Gordon believes the presence could have been brought about by his mother’s wedding dress, which had a potent smell of nickel he believes is indicative of ghostly activity.

He said: “Not long after I was cleaning things out I found my mother’s wedding dress.

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“I hung the dress up in a room and there was a very distinctive smell, so I aired it out for about three weeks.

“The smell wasn’t the kind of thing that you would find on old clothes, it was a strong nickel smell.

“Even though I have put the dress away now, the smell still reappears in the restaurant, and I know it’s her.

“Smells are associated with the supernatural, especially the smell of nickel seemingly.

“On Christmas Day last year, the smell was so strong but it is lovely to know she is still with us.

“Most of the things and stories I tell can be corroborated by people that either work here or are customers.

“Like most people I would be sceptical of these things.

“I don’t believe anything I can’t see with my own eyes, everyone needs proof, but I have it, I’ve seen it.”

But Gordon says a clairvoyant and ‘ghost hunter’ who has visited the restaurant also feels a presence.

He said: “When she first came in she said she was bombarded, and she started to choke and had to leave quickly.

“But she has a power, she is obviously able to communicate with whatever is here in some sense.”

Ghost hunter Sharron Wallace said: “I come from a long line of clairvoyants and have a special gift that allows me to see and hear spirits.

“There is definitely a very strong presence in Morris’, it’s overwhelming.”

Gordon also claims there have been multiple sightings over the years of a man in black by staff and customers.

He said: “There have been sightings in reflections of windows and mirrors by me, staff and customers.

“There have also been instances of clocks flying off the wall and footsteps when there is no one else in the premises.

“It’s the age of this town, the buildings are like tape recordings, picking up and preserving memories.

“It’s quietened down since I came to Morris’s originally.

“Perhaps they have all become more used to me being here.”