The strangest questions on the internet asked about Scotland

Sometimes the phrase ‘there is no such thing as a stupid question’ can be really tested on the internet.


We looked through popular question and answer site Quora; Reddit and Yahoo Answers to find some of the most common and strangest questions about Scotland asked on the internet. (Main picture: David Iliff)

Were going to put our necks on the line and say English.

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Eh, we think it might still be Scotland?
The Loch Ness Monster - or Nessie - remains elusive but recent evidence points to the idea that it might be a giant eel.
What a preposterous question, of course they are real. What else would Scots go hunting during Haggis season?
Generally speaking, you become a member of a clan if you are born, or marry into it. But who knows, perhaps there are some who would accept pledges of allegiance.
Scottish - unless youre talking about whisky (note: not whiskey) or other food and drink products such as Scotch Broth. The archaic term Scotch is not used within the UK.
If baring all on the beach is your thing, its worth remembering this is Scotland where the average summertime temperatures are around 15-17C. There are however several official nudist beaches around the country.
Politics aside, yes it is.
With our naturally pasty complexions it might seem like there is not but actually it only rains 96 per cent of the time. We do regularly get 4 or 5 days of summer every year.
That depends... who wants to know?
The number of overseas visitors to Scotland in 2017 rose to 3.2 million - Its a stable and very safe country, but if youre a tourist maybe avoid asking about Brexit or the football.
No. Scotland has had its own Parliament in Edinburgh since 1999. A significant number of powers are devolved to the Scottish Parliament including taxation. However, the UKs capital is located in London, which is in England.
A very common question that it seems non-Scots would dearly love to be true. For better or for worse, no, Scots usually only wear kilts for special occasions.
St Patrick only cast them out of Ireland, you can still get the occasional adder or grass snake in Scotland.