Selkirk 58-year-old fined £180 after making suicide threat during incident involving ex

A 58-year-old man has been fined £180 after admitting behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards a former partner.

Leslie Place in Selkirk.

Robert Deans pleaded guilty to shouting and swearing and picking up a knife and threatening to self-harm and kill himself at his home in Selkirk’s Leslie Place.

Depute fiscal Fiona Hamilton told Selkirk Sheriff Court the incident started at around 7.30pm on June 5 after his partner at the time, Emma Forrest, paid him a visit.

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She was in another room in the property when she heard Deans ranting and raving and went to see what was happening.

The fiscal said: “When she got there, he began shouting at her and saying he hated her and they could not go on like this, telling her to f*** off back to Melrose.

“He also said it would be her fault if he killed himself.

“The witness went into the kitchen and he followed her and picked up a knife and threatened to self-harm.

“Neighbours also heard him threatening to kill himself.

“He made no reply to caution and charge.”

Defence lawyer Ross Dow said that incident had ended their relationship.

He described saying he was going to kill himself as an empty threat.