Queen likely to be "brassed off" with Jacob Rees Mogg over prorogation move

The Queen is likely to be "brassed off"  after allowing Parliament to be prorogued on the "unlawful" advice from Government ministers, it has been claimed.

The Queen backed prorogation of Parliament on advice of the Government

The Monarch has been placed in a "difficult position" after today's Court of Session ruling that the five-week suspension of Parliament had been done to "stymie" scrutiny of the Government, according to QC Jolyon Maugham who was second petitioner in the appeal.

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Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament ruled as unlawful

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"It certainly has put her in a difficult situation because she acted on the advice of her privy councillors, constitutionally that's what she's obliged to do, and it turns out that that advice that was given to her was unlawful."

"He said proroguing Parliament to stop it interfering with the plans of the hard right of the Conservative party for Brexit would be a sensible course for the Prime Minister to take.

"When you're thinking about the real motives for the suspension of Parliament I think it's sensible to look at what the Government has said in the recent past and particularly what leading Privy Council has said about the wisdom and the motives for a suspension of Parliament.

"The dogs in the street know that this unprecedented length of suspension at critical moment in the United Kingdom's relations with teh EU was done to stop Parliament interfering with the Prime Minister's plans for Brexit.

"That is not Parliamentary democracy"