Mother of Milly Main who died after contracting an infection at Glasgow children's hospital feels 'let down and lied to'

The mother of Milly Main, the 10-year-old child who died after contracting an infection at the Glasgow children's hospital, has stated that she feels 'let down and lied to' by health officials.

Milly was just ten when she tragically passed away.

Kimberly Darroch, 35, from Lanark, whose daughter Milly Main died at the age of 10 in 2017 said she and her partner were given the bare minimum information about the cause of Milly’s death. She wrote to Jeane Freeman in September with concerns, but said the response didn’t answer her questions. After hearing the whistleblower claims yesterday about the contaminated water supply, she realised the tragic death that the doctor-led investigation uncovered was Milly.

Milly had leukaemia from the age of five, but was in remission before contracting an infection at the QEUH.

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Her mother told the BBC she was "100 per cent" certain contaminated water caused the fatal infection.

Milly had leukaemia from the age of five, but was in remission before contracting an infection at the QEUH.

Ms Darroch added in the interview with the BBC that she felt "let down but lied to", she said: "I don't know how to put it into words. There are no words to be honest I'm in shock, complete shock with it all."

• READ MORE: Jeane Freeman must "resign or be sacked" over child hospital death say ToriesLabour MSP Anas Sarwar said: "This is a devastating human tragedy and listening to Kimberly bravely tell her story was truly heart-breaking. I have promised Milly’s family I will stand by them until they get the answers and justice they deserve, no matter how long it takes.

"Getting answers for the family is the top priority.

"It is also imperative that the courageous NHS whistleblower who brought this to light is protected.

“It is disgusting that the Glasgow health board is attacking the whistleblower and trying to intimidate and silence them. This individual put their job on the line to expose this scandal, in the hope that bereaved parents receive answers and something like this can never happen again.

"Jeane Freeman also has very serious questions to answer and needs to come before Parliament. The Health Secretary needs to remember her job is to protect patients, families and staff, not institutions."