Jeremy Vine reveals note about Scotland's contribution to UK given to him by SNP MP

Broadcaster Jeremy Vine has revealed a note given to him by an SNP MP that 'sets the record straight' on Scotland's contribution to the UK following comments made on his show about Scottish independence.

Comments made on the Jeremy Vine show about Scottish independence sparked a backlash online.

With reports stating that the SNP have launched a complaint to Ofcom about an episode of the Channel 5 talk show in which guests chatted about Scottish independence, the presenter tweeted a picture of a note "good-humouredly" passed to him by SNP MP Drew Hendry "setting the record straight" on Scotland's contribution to the UK.

The social media post referred to the episode in which Gordon Brown's comments on the rising threat of nationalism to the Union were discussed, with former Royal butler, Paul Burrellstating: "I mean for goodness sakes...Scotland, by itself? How is it going to survive? What does it have? Oil...and a monster in a lake."

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Jeremy then asked the audience if anyone thought that Scotland could survive on its own, to which one man replied 'no'.

Mr Burrell's comments provoked fury from Scottish Twitter users who took to social media to lambaste the former Royal butler.

The latest tweet by Jeremy seems to have reopened the debate with one user responding: "Jeremy, this is the usual Scot Nat trick of only looking at half the equation, could you ask @drewhendrySNP for the spend column?"

Another added: "Thank you for sharing this. Please ensure balance next time your show discusses Scottish independence - that's all we ask."

One poster was less reserved: "You whole heartily joined in on the anti-Scotland rambling of your panel, your head never stopped nodding in agreement. You showed viewers in Scotland your personal beliefs and your employers Channel 5, needs to remind you of your duty to deliver impartiality!"