Horrified families watch as Edinburgh Zoo panda gets electrocuted in new enclosure

Horrified families watched as one of Edinburgh Zoo’s giant pandas got a shock from the electric fence in his new enclosure.

Giant Panda, Yang Guang, exploring his new home at Edinburgh Zoo.

A visitor reported seeing male Yang Guang reeling away in fear before cowering in his den.

Keepers said the charged perimeter was to keep both animals and the public safe while assuring the panda was only jolted once as he gets used to his new surroundings. One zoo visitor said: “I saw the male panda try and climb the fence and he got electrocuted.

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“You could tell he was scared because he ran off into his den. The old enclosure had glass, but this one doesn’t. It must be to stop him from climbing out, but it’s cruel.”

Keepers are opening the new habitat to the public gradually, allowing time for both pandas to settle in.

Both Yang Guang and female Tian Tian were moved to prevent any disturbance from the redevelopment of the former Corstorphine Hospital next to the zoo.

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Charlotte Macdonald said: “Just like farm animals, zoo animals tend to learn very quickly to avoid electric fences, which are there for their safety and to protect the public.”