Hawick mum of two fined £200 for assaulting women in Chinese takeaway queue

A mother of two has been handed a bill for £350 at Jedburgh Sheriff Court after admitting assaulting two other women in a queue at a Chinese takeaway in Hawick.
Jedburgh Sheriff Court.Jedburgh Sheriff Court.
Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

Leigh Loughrie, 35, pleaded guilty to carrying out those assaults at the High Street business on February 3.

She pulled the head of one woman down and kicked her legs to her injury and grabbed the other by her hair and pulled her head down too.

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Depute fiscal Erin Illand said that incident occurred at around 1.15am at the New Lam Wah takeaway as revellers queued for takeaway food.

She explained that Loughrie initially got involved in a dispute with a man but then redirected her attention to one, then the other, of the two women she attacked.

Ms Illand said: “The accused then lunged at the witness and continued to lash out at her.

“She grabbed hold of her and also the other witness, and they were falling about in the waiting area of the Chinese takeaway.

“Others tried to intervene, but, due to the violent nature of the accused, could not separate them.

“Eventually, they were separated by two large males, and the accused left.”

The fiscal said that on February 22 Loughrie was cautioned and charged by police, saying: “I apologise to the two lasses and take full responsibility for my actions.”

Defence lawyer Ed Hulme said: “She had been out with a group of friends and, due to the consumption of alcohol, she had no recollection of what had happened.

“However, she has been told by friends what happened.

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“She seems to have picked up someone the wrong way in the Chinese restaurant and things escalated from there.”

The two victims were said to have suffered soreness and bruising.

Sheriff Peter Paterson fined Loughrie, of Queens Drive in Hawick, a total of £200 for the assaults and ordered her to pay £75 compensation to each of her victims.