Former Labour MEP urges Scots to vote SNP in general election

A former Labour MEP has urged Scots to vote SNP tomorrow to keep Boris Johnson out of Downing Street.

In a letter to The Scotsman on the eve of polling day, Hugh Kerr warns against the prospect of a “hard right Tory government” and calls for tactical voting for the SNP in Conservative constituencies north of the Border.

He writes: “As a former Labour member and MEP I would appeal to Labour voters in Scotland to vote SNP and get rid of the 13 Scottish Tory MPs who gave the Tories a majority at the last election. In England I would definitely vote Labour and many of my friends in England have joined or rejoined the Labour Party in order to stop a Tory victory. Also, I have known Jeremy Corbyn for more than 40 years and he is a socialist and a man of integrity and someone who can be trusted, unlike Boris Johnson.”

Mr Kerr was MEP for Essex West and Hertfordshire East from 1994 to 1999. He later returned to his native Scotland and stood in the 2003 Holyrood elections.

Former Labour MEP Hugh Kerr