Alex Salmond warns of SNP concern over Syria air strikes

Alex Salmond has warned that the SNP is “unconvinced” about the prospect of the UK joining the bombing campaign in Syria.

Alex Salmond said PM had failed to set out strategy
Alex Salmond said PM had failed to set out strategy

The party’s foreign affairs spokesman at Westminster insists that air strikes won’t work as MPs prepare to vote in the coming weeks on the UK joining the international offensive against against Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said last week that she is ready to listen to David Cameron’s case for the RAF joining air strikes and could support it.

Asked if the SNP would support air strikes yesterday, Mr Salmond said: “We’ll listen, but as now we’re not convinced. Unless we hear something sensible and coherent from the Prime Minister it will be a No.”

Mr Salmond said that the Prime Minister has failed to set out a strategy for taking the “real fight” to IS. “It’s not a strategy – it’s a replacement for a strategy,” he said.