25 pictures of shops in Scotland that will make you feel nostalgic for the 90s and 00s

From Savacentre and Safeway to Woolworths and Virgin Megastores.

Lorraine Gillespie with Kyle Gillespie & baby Cameron.
Lorraine Gillespie with Kyle Gillespie & baby Cameron.

We take a look at shops in the 1990s and 00s in Edinburgh

The exterior of the now defunct shopping centre on Princes Street.
The shopping centre opened in October 1993.
Children get sweets at Kirkgate before the shop closes for good.
Steven Shand picks the Furby that he wants.
The best place to spend your Christmas money
The shopping centre had a different look in the 90s.
Our Price opened in Cameron Toll in the late 1990s
Somerfield supermarket is no more.
Workers on the shop floor of Safeway in the 1990s
UCI at Kinnaird Park was a popular place to hang out with friends.
Defunct Safeway was rebranded Morrisons and some were sold off
The shop has since closed.
Many a child had a birthday party at Burger King in the 1990s
The food court was packed with people.
Before it became an Apple store
Escalators in the Gyle Shopping Arcade.
The St James Centre after, undergoing refurbishment in January 1992.
Visa provided 'Chip & Pin' instructors for the week, at the Gyle Centre.
Web 13 cafe on Bread Street.
Everyone loved the pic n mix
Posters on the C&A building in Edinburgh.
The Blockbuster Video outlet on Great Junction Street, Edinburgh in 2003.
Interior of the St James Centre shopping centre at the east end of Princes Street Edinburgh, after refurbishment in January 1992.