Scottish Independence: Wreath for Yes supporter

A supporter of Scottish independence has played his part in today’s historic referendum - despite passing away last week.

Norman McLean is remembered. Picture: Comp
Norman McLean is remembered. Picture: Comp

Family of pensioner Norman McLean knew the passionate supporter would want to play some part after he died before seeing whether his life-long dream, of an independent Scotland would coem to pass.

And today they took a wreath saying ‘Yes’ along to his local polling station in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, to make sure he was a part fo the big day.

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One supporter said: “They came along and voted but theyw weren’t able to leave the wreath inside the station, which they were a bit despondent about. But we helped them set it up outside the gate so everyone can see it.”

Mr McLean, 78, died suddenly of blood poisoning last week, four years after undergoing a kidney transplant.