Scottish designer’s remodelled Jaguar go on sale

Dumfries born designer Ian Callum. Picture: Robert Perry
Dumfries born designer Ian Callum. Picture: Robert Perry
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A LIMITED edition of Jaguar’s vintage Mark 2 model is to go on sale following widespread interest in Scottish designer Ian Callum’s updated version, Classic Motor Cars (CMC) announced today.

The cars, subtly remodelled by Jaguar’s Dumfries-born design director, will cost between £350,000 and £375,000 each.

Buyers will be able to choose the exterior and interior colours.

Mr Callum’s version was unveiled last week as a one-off for his own use, but CMC, which re-built it, said it had sparked an “amazing” response.

Chairman Peter Neumark said: “It has attracted interest from all over the world.

“At the launch of the car, I said we would love to build more, but little did I think the response would be so great.

“Within hours we had received calls from people all over the globe asking if they could buy one.

“We asked Ian Callum if we could produce a limited run and he has said ‘yes.’

Mr Callum said: “I wasn’t sure how it would be received but I have been both astounded and delighted with the response. I am pleased that a few more cars are going to be built.”

He had said of the redesign: “This is a very personal statement - a long-held notion that, although the Mark 2 has always been a beautiful car, it could be even more exciting in shape and performance.

“Whilst maintaining the purity of the car’s form, I wanted to add a number of modern twists to the design.

“Simplification and clarity were my objectives.”

The Mark 2 was popular among both police and crooks in the 1960s for its rapid acceleration and 125mph top speed, and was driven by John Thaw in the Inspector Morse TV series.

Mr Callum’s version has a modified 4.3 litre Jaguar XK engine, new independent rear suspension and upgraded front brakes.

It is 3cm lower than the original, with bumpers integrated into the chassis, and four vertical louvres added on either side in front of the doors.

The designers previous creations include the Jaguar XK coupe and Aston Martin DB7.