Scotsman gadget review: Supertooth D4 speaker

The Supertooth D4 speaker. Picture: TSPL
The Supertooth D4 speaker. Picture: TSPL
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THE design of the Supertooth D4 leaves you in no doubt that this is a portable wireless speaker that wants to played at high volume. With a shape resembling the horn speaker of an old electric megaphone and a choice of six colours - including a particularly eye-catching crimson red - it is designed with social occasions in mind.

Gadget review: Supertooth D4 speaker


The main chassis of the speaker feels a little light and hollow, but although the materials are far from high end, the matte plastic finish is tough with a rubberised carry strap offering a good grip. It is perhaps a little too bulky to be transported easily in a suitcase, meaning the D4 is best suited to being used around the home and the garden.

For the price, Supertooth have packed some welcome features into the speaker. The best is a 3.5mm audio in port, meaning that you are able to play music from a variety of devices rather than just relying on a Bluetooth connection. Also included is plug adapter, a rarity for speakers in this price range which ordinarily come bundled with only a micro USB cable.

No real stereo separation

The D4’s audio is not stellar, but again, for its price, it performs well. The mid and high-ends come through well and streaming a variety of genres does not highlight any disparities in the output range. On the downside, there is no real stereo separation and with an overall power of 8W, the bass can noticeably distort when the unit is cranked up to its maximum volume.

In normal playback conditions, with the volume set at mid-level, it is possible to get several days’ use of out the D4 before it needs to be charged. Go any louder and the battery capacity is eroded fairly quickly - our test saw it last a little under four hours - but for the reasons outlined above, the D4 performs best with the dial turned down a notch. Such constraints may not quite tally with the megaphone image, yet for under £50, this is a fine speaker.