Scotsman gadget review: Stellé Audio Pillar

Stell� Audio Pillar Picture:
Stell� Audio Pillar Picture:
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THE clamour for attention in the crowded market for premium Bluetooth speakers means that if a product is to catch the eye, its design must offer something different and compelling. With its sleek, cylindrical shape and brushed bronze aluminium finish - one of seven designs available - the Stellé Audio Pillar is a distinctive offering with good sonic performance to match.

Gadget review: Stellé Audio Pillar


Take the Pillar out of its sleek packaging, and you might wonder where best around the house to position it. With an overall aesthetic that looks as if it should be dispensing macchiatos, the kitchen seems its natural home. Thankfully, its elegant appearance is not a matter of cosmetic indulgence.

The high-end look is matched by a sturdiness to the whole unit, which makes for a pleasant change from the plastic and rubberised cases routinely used for Bluetooth speakers. Indeed, with a weight of the three pounds, the Pillar feels secure on tables, desks and even bookshelf speakers, although that heft in part compromises its portability.

With a minimal design to the interface on the speaker itself, the Pillar can be up and running in a matter of seconds and controlled easily. Its sound is very good, with mid-range and treble taking prominence over the bass, although the low-end is always clearly represented thanks to a powerful subwoofer.

In a large room, it also fills the space with a convincing and balanced sound, despite the narrow field. This makes the Pillar ideal for a small gathering and it will easily outperform the vast majority of other Bluetooth speakers in such circumstances. Sometimes, however, the high-ends are misrepresented, with the output thin and insubstantial when pop music is played.

As a stylish accompaniment to your audio setup around the home, the Pillar holds great appeal and it is refreshing to see a Bluetooth speaker with such a considered and eye-popping design. It looks excellent and performs very well, although seasoned audiophiles may expect more considering the price tag.