Scotsman editor: 'We are certain it was right to publish'

SOME commentators last night criticised The Scotsman for running quotes that Ms Power tried to retract.

She made no attempt to claim that the newspaper had breached "off the record" protocols, but political bloggers in the US took issue.

But the newspaper insisted it had acted correctly.

An off-the-record quote can be used to inform a journalist, to give useful background. Before the interview began in London, Ms Power was asked whether it could be taped. She agreed.

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However, she tried to withdraw the comment on Hillary Clinton after she said it, claiming it was "off the record".

Mike Gilson, The Scotsman's editor, said: "We have no opinion on whether Ms Power was right to quit and perhaps politics should be able to retain people with talent who are prepared to learn by their mistakes, but we are certain it was right to publish.

"I do not know of a case when anyone has been able to withdraw on-the-record quotes after they have been made. The interview our political correspondent Gerri Peev conducted with Ms Power was clearly on an on-the-record basis. She was clearly passionate and angry with the tactics of the Clinton camp over the Ohio primary, and that spilled over in the interview. Our job was to put that interview before the public as a matter of public interest. It was for others to judge whether the remarks were ill-judged or spoke of the inexperience in the Obama camp."